About us

What is AZ-LIKE?

AZLIKE pump like facebook app. Created date 11-11-2020. Founded and developed by the group Mr.Ball Bui.

We provide free, secure, fast like posts to Facebook users. It is completely protected website & never spam. Az-like also gives many Comments on the same Fair Posts the same method that you do in the system Likes!

It is programmed to help Facebook users who don't get a lot of likes on posts or have to beg to be liked

Az-like is completely free and we never ask people for money to get likes. We offer the best Facebook services for free!

Our range:

Az-like already has a huge user base - in fact, more than 100,000 users per month.


Let everyone know about our app, mostly people who are begging their friends to like their posts.

Contact for cooperation: [email protected]